6 comments on “Rip Lunge gives a masterclass – listen up you MOFO’s

  1. I used to go to school with Rip Lunge (not his name back then.) So glad he’s made a success of his life.
    Also, please can you let Ursula know I would be very interested to read her book about graveyard Lichens. Sounds awesome.
    Fabulous post; thanks.

    • I have passed your message onto Ursula.She is deeply flattered and not a little encouraged, in fact she went quite pink and started stuttering then hurried home. Expect a masterpiece. Thanks from Ursula and I !

  2. I think I went to one of Rip’s seminars once. He got a bit shirty when someone kept asking why she’d never heard of his books. Glad to see he’s still setting the world on fire with his publishing success. Yippee ki-yay Rip. You the man etc etc.

  3. Oh Rip, I used to think it was enough for a writer to follow their heart and write what was real and meaningful to them, in the certain knowledge that its searing sincerity and universal relatability would knock everyone sideways, lichens or no lichens. But now I know, I am wrong and you are right. Brace yourselves everyone for my forthcoming verdict on Fifty Shades of [insert witticism].

    • Rip says, ‘I’m glad you’ve seen the light Isabel and got rid of all your bullshit notions about writing; remember when they ask you, ‘What inspired your book?’ always reply ‘A deep market analysis’.

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