6 comments on “Lucky Seven – Seven Lines from New Works

  1. Thanks for taking part (again) and for this quality offering. Personally I think that period and this kind of premise for a novel are pretty much inexhaustible – I know I want to read The Romantics and I bet I’m not the only one. Linda Grant is one of my favourite authors (I met her recently and she was fabulous in person too) and We Had It So Good is brilliant – as I said in my review – but yours would be different. Nobody, but nobody writes the way you do!

    • Thanks so much Isabel for your typically generous words; I can’t tell you how encouraging it is! In fact it will definitely spur me on to finish the damn thing.

      I envy you meeting Linda Grant, there’s so much in that novel that I identified with. I really admired the way she handled all the structural elements of that book too; multiple viewpoints etc.

      I know you are right and when publishing people make sweeping statements about genres or subject matter, or the importance of likeable characters or whatever, it’s usually contradicted by the next bestseller that comes along. It is all in the writing. That’s my mantra from now on!

  2. Tremendous! Definitely keep knocking at doors with this. First, your writing is so lovely. Second, anything involving toxic lemon curd in the premise is phenomenal. And third, I agree with Isabel: this era is pretty much inexhaustible. I’m not even a product of the 60s and I’d still love to read this book!

    • Wow, Monica, thanks so much.. That’s a real shot in the arm. I am encouraged by your response. I shall finish the damn thing! So glad the toxic lemon curd was a winner with you. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Erin! I feel inspired to get back to re-writing this. Funnily enough, I’ve realised that that particular extract is not only the ‘inciting incident’ but one of the main hinges on which the whole plot moves. How Lucky 7 is that? So thanks so much for your generous encouragement!

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