17 comments on “A Real Character – or in this case,me.

  1. Ok. You win. Your marriage story has to be the best I’ve seen so far. Hands down. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your #realcharacter post with us all! You included so many wonderful images. I don’t know that I’ll be able to forget the “billiard room” church service.



    • Hi Erin. So reassuring to get your comment when I’m feeling all naked!
      You think the ‘billiard room’ is bad, the priest used to hear ‘confession’ behind a screen in our living room, and my brothers once wired it for sound!
      Thanks for taking the time to read all my rubbish. Much appreciated. Nan x

  2. Thanks for taking part in #realcharacter – I too loved the story of your marriage on the train. Was also interested to read about your tendency to apologise all the time, as my husband had a strict Catholic upbringing and does the same thing. Good luck with your writing.

  3. Such a joy to read–thank you for your #realcharacter! I found myself relating to so much in your blog–loving solitude, not knowing what to do with arms, guilt…so much! And the kicker marriage on a Canadian train? Phenomenal! Looking forward to reading more from you!


    • Thanks Monica. So pleased you said that. I tried to comment on your blog but my own ineptitude conspired against me. However I wanted to say how naturally and funnily you write. A hell of a lot more than an ‘iota’ of talent in there. Also what a very handsome couple in that photograph! I can’t see any evidence of dough products or chocolate consumption!
      Looking forward to more entertainment on your blog.
      Happy Days.

  4. Nan, I am breaking my week off technology because I just have to tell you how much I loved your #realcharacter, thank you so much for letting me strongarm you into doing it (I wasn’t at all sure you would!). I have to say my Catholic ordeals totally pale into insignificance compared to yours although I have a few I would be prepared to share with you and you alone (my mother has no idea what she did to me!) Totally agree with the others, that Canadian marriage story is world class. I so hope you need to re-name this blog one day. OK, back to looking glam in Nice now – breakfast sur le balcon awaits me xx

    • Ah Isabel thanks so much. I am touched that you’d let breakfast sur le balcon wait on my behalf!
      I’m glad that I joined in. It’s curious that we don’t stop to think of ourselves objectively and weirdly I think it is good therapy! So I owe you much thanks for that.
      Let’s talk Catholic damage some day, that, I’m sure would be therapeutic too. Until then, soak up that sun in Nice and keep up the glam. Counting on you. xx

  5. What you don’t realise perhaps is that consummated or not that marriage was perfectly legal, and I take my officiating duties extremely seriously. Naturally I duly registered the marriage, as I was legally and religiously obliged to do. If I understand your personal circumstances aright, this would imply I think that one little detail you have chosen to omit from your biography is that technically you are a bigamist, madame.

    I remain as ever at your service, for weddings, divorces, and bar-mitzvahs,

    The Reverend E.Tudor-Pole.

    • Dear Rev T-P
      It’s a fair cop gov. Just don’t grass me up to the rozzers.I don’t think I could stand it if they rip my epaulettes off again and break my sword like they did when I broke Brownie Law. Just give me 24 hours to take ship for Shanghai disguised as George Osborne’s butler. Either that or could you arrange my divorce? Will it have to be on a train?

  6. Nan,
    I was genuinely disappointed not to have received your ‘normal’ (ah-hem) blog post through my inbox this week, until I read on and discovered all this lovely/funny/interesting stuff about you. I don’t have the balls to come clean about who I am quite so publicly so shall probably not be following the #realcharacter trend, but we do have several things in common (I can’t do small talk, I don’t fit in, anywhere and I am not posh, to name but three) – and these things make me very happy. That’s enough for me.

    • Hi Wendy,
      I felt terribly sheepish about revealing myself, but it proved to be an oddly liberating experience! What a great compliment it is that you felt disappointed not to receive the regular load of baloney; I love that and also the fact that we are non-posh misfits. Here’s to less small talk. Thanks Wendy, really appreciated. More rubbish heading your way soon!

  7. We regret to inform you that “oddly” was proceeding in approximately the appropriate direction, madam. I look forward to meeting you.


    We like non-posh misfits here.

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