14 comments on “‘Writing is a business! (You Schmuck).’

  1. Fabulous as always and uncomfortably accurate. Have lost count of how many publishing talks and conferences I’ve attended where the words ‘The great thing about being a writer is nobody cares what you look like!’ are followed by ‘but if you ARE sexy, photogenic and in possession of enormous charisma and a Twitter following of at least 1000, that makes all the difference’. Or words to that effect…

    • Thanks Isabel! So glad that you thought it hit on the odd truth. Personally, I’m waiting for the backlash to all this beauty and youth business! Meanwhile, you won’t have ANY trouble. Can see you gracing many a literary sofa into the future! 🙂

  2. Hilarious and very heartening and perhaps a reason to remember that the baby can be small enough to go down the plughole if you rip the heart out of the bath. Is this right room for decoupage? I think I’ve got glue in my metaphors. Cathyx

  3. <> So true. Sighs.

    I love your blog! It’s so nice to see that other people are going through the same thing.

    I’m trying desperately to avoid the decoupage class. Hopefully I won’t be bound and tied (or glued and pasted) and sent there involuntarily. 😉

    • Hi Writerlicious!
      Thanks so much. I’m really quite surprised to see how many other writers feel the same. Very encouraging.

      If they try to bundle you into the decoupage class, I personally pledge to break you out. Depend on me ! 🙂

  4. Actually, nothing wrong with decoupage which grows more tempting by the minute. Life as a published writer looking attractively unattractive.
    Meanwhile, sprawled particularly uneasily on this: “… pretence that you are writing in your head….” Oh dear. Does that really not count then?

    • No Milla! And no re-arranging the scatter cushions or your P.O.V’s either. We’ve got to’ shape up or ship out’, as that grand old man of letters John Wayne once advised, or we’ll be signing on for tatting, needlepoint, pokerwork or even scrimshaw.

  5. Tatting, needlepoint, pokerwork and scrimshaw all sound painful. I’ll just stick to writing, which is painful enough.

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