10 comments on “Don’t Quote James Joyce

  1. “You have nothing to say to anyone. Isn’t that the very reason that you started to write things down in the first place…” Very very funny. (You may have struck a chord.) And Bob Kleinworld? I laughed out loud… Thanks :)))

    • Wendy. It’s not fair is it? I mean, would J.D. Salinger have written Catcher in the Rye, if he’d been forced to go to a ‘Networking Session’ first? Not that I’ve written a seminal work of the 20th century or anything – just saying. Thank you for your lovely comments!

  2. if you really are unpublished, then its a shameful crime, because you’re a damn fine writer. It’s bloody difficult, I know. It took me eight years and four books (and twelve years of commercial writing before that) and any number of humiliating experiences and knockbacks. I wish you great strength and unreasonable luck, or at the very least an unstepped-on croissant.

    • Thank you so much Rosie, what a really generous and encouraging thing to say. I so appreciate it. Mostly I blame myself for running at the wrong targets, but I take to heart your words! Ah, I sense there is more humiliation to come but I’m not giving up. Thanks.

  3. I agree with Rosie, I think you can write hysterically on any subject ,although of course the road to publication is a particularly rich vein of humiliation (just as this sentence is a rich source of mixed metaphors). However, it gets on my nerves terribly that I have no sense of who you are really are, wildly hyperbolic misguided writer….

    • Ah Isabel, I suppose that I am too shy to put my photo up and I don’t want to frighten the horses. I really wish that I hadn’t taken that PR advice from J.D. Salinger. I should have realised it was wrong; shouting it through the letterbox that way. Suffice to say that I am an aspiring writer. It’s really embarrassing to admit that I’ve never been published, despite trying since about 1980! I do have some excuses, being an idiot is one of them, having two children (now grown up) is another. There are many more (available on application). However I’m very flattered by your comments. Thanks!

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