2 comments on “Don’t wait for a plot – just write the novel!

  1. Dear Wildhyperbole,

    At the risk of sounding very much like W.O. your writing has moved me; nothing to do with your Nun trauma and everything to do with your style, wit and excellent turn of phrase. I have read both posts in this blog, (so far ) and had three reactions/emotions whilst doing so:
    1. Laughter
    2. Excitement
    3. Joy. Yes joy, because there are still more posts to read.
    Yes, yes and thrice yes – you clearly are an emerging genius.
    I may in fact be channelling the spirit of W.O. at this very moment because I find myself with an irresistible urge to wrap my arms around you and say “YOU ARE A WRITER”.

    Cannot wait to read more of this blog, or failing that, the complete manuscript of your first novel… soon.

    Two great posts here – thanks for entertaining me. x

  2. Wendy.
    What can I say? That’s the kind of comment that really puts a spring in one’s step. How very cheering and encouraging. Soon I shall start blubbing unattractively, don’t encourage me. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your generous words!

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